Romeo Ciuffa

Instructor for recorders and other wind/brass instruments

Romeo approached music for the first time when he was eight through a local band experience, then he took his first flugelhorn classes. In 1989 he joined a French horn class at the Conservatoire of “S. Cecilia” in Rome, where his supervisor was M° Luciano Giuliani. Consequently he studied bass tuba and trombone at the same Conservatoire.
His concert activity and personal insight into the historical aspects of music allowed him to study different styles, starting from traditional chamber and solo repertoire until ancient music specifically related to the XVII and XVIII centuries. Romeo has been deeply touched and impressed by this kind of music.

Concurrently he approached the recorder at the Conservatoire “O. Respighi” in Latina instructed by M° Paolo Capirci. He has attended several master classes in Italy and abroad with Marion Verrebruggen, Dan Laurin, Kees Boeke and Pedro Memelsdorff.

Besides his participation in many musical seasons in Italy, particularly remarkable are his concerts held in China (Beijing), North Korea (Pyongyang) and Mongolia (Ulan Bator), in Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Zambia, Syria, Germany, Japan, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Albania.

In 1997 he founded the “Arcangelo Corelli Ensemble” with which he recorded circa 10 CDs of excerpts from Seventeenth century roman period and Eighteenth century European music pieces.
In the following years he joined several roman musicians specialized in baroque praxis in order to give birth to the “Cappella Musicale Enrico Stuart Duke of York”. Therefore Mr. Ciuffa had the opportunity to approach the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century French vocal- instrumental repertoire by recording independently many Masses, Motets, Cantatas by M.A. Charpentier, M.R. Delalande, J.P. Rameau, J.B. de Boismortier and so forth.

In 2006 he obtained his academic degree in Musicology at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” summa cum laude. In 2012 has been invited to give a Masterclass at the Royal College of Music of London at the department for the historical practice guided by Ashley Solomon.
He is now the musical director of “Rassegna Cembalistica”, “I Concerti di Campagna”, “MonteCompatri in Jazz”: all musical events promoted in the “Castelli Romani” zone, near Rome, with musicians from all over the world.

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