About the workshop

Workshop description

The core of the festival will be a week-long workshop for up to 30 accomplished amateurs (and students) to put together a concert of baroque music in ‘historically informed’ style. This workshop is modelled on European events that your hosts, Robert and Andrew, have attended. The musical side of the workshop will be run by professional specialists in baroque music from Europe. 

Morning and afternoon rehearsals will be in the Community Hall and in additional venues as required. 

Who's it for?

Amateur singers and instrumentalists:

  • experienced performing baroque music at an accomplished level, preferably in chamber groups and small choirs
  • able to read music
  • able to perform solo parts
  • singers able to project their voice and sing in tune

We welcome applications for all voices and instruments. Playing will be in baroque style (strings with gut strings and baroque bows) and this year in A = 415 Hz.

There will also be an opportunity for local residents and Workshop participants to prepare a work to be performed in a Community Baroque Concert.

Food & Lodging

Workshop participants will be billeted with local residents or may stay in local B&Bs if they prefer. A camping option will also be available. Transport will be provided to carry musicians between venues for those who need it.

Lunch and dinner will be provided.


Arrangements will be made to assist Workshop participants without vehicles to get to and from Denman Island as well as from their accommodation to the rehearsal and concert venues.